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Light Painting, Joshua Tree National Park

Sean Mahoney is a passionate photographer who specializes in long exposures, night photography, and light painting. When most photographers pack up to head home, Sean is just getting started.

The options when taking photos at night are essentially limitless. Familiar city streets take on a whole new light. Motion becomes one with time as an open shutter captures not just a moment, but an event. Moonlight can be used to transform a dark expanse into a day-like landscape. The faint glimmer of stars in a pitch black sky can become a brilliant natural cathedral. Areas of shadow are a blank canvas over which light and color can be painted and shaped.

The one thing Sean enjoys more than actually taking photos is teaching others about photography. For anyone wanting to learn the basics of taking great photos at night or experienced photographers wishing to step up their game, check out the workshops page for information on Sean's upcoming night photography workshops.

Have any questions on how a particular photo was made? Want tips on technique? Just email Sean at [email protected] or send a  tweet External Link .

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